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What Are Landscape Designers?

Landscape design is one of the major components of landscape architecture. It incorporates the integration of physical landscape elements like garden furniture, pools, fountains, waterfalls, etc, with the aesthetics of buildings and their surroundings. It also involves the integration of architectural elements like buildings, landscapes, patios, thresholds, etc, with functional components like doorways, windows, sinks, lighting, gutters, etc. The result is the end result of a perfect blend of architecture and aesthetics.

What Do We Do?

This is an effective landscape design that is associated with Cactus, Granite, Concrete Paving, Sedum, and Breeze-stones. Often this tends to take the form of extremely ornate, large landscape structures in deep grey or stark white contrast with a small splash of color coming from the small plantings. These landscapers melbourne also design pathways and walkways in the city which include avenues, public plazas, parks, public walls, etc. They are also hired by other private individuals as well as government organizations for landscape design Melbourne.

These landscapers are specialized landscape designers who are hired by different people for various purposes. These include residential landscaping, landscape design in public spaces, corporate/commercial landscaping, etc. For residential landscaping, they work on the requirements of the homeowners and carry out small-scale renovation works like changing lighting fixtures, doing minor touch-ups like painting, repainting, etc. for making the spaces look attractive and comfortable. In the case of larger commercial/corporate landscaping projects, they plan and execute the whole project.