Commercial Security Melbourne

When it comes to the security needs of companies and buildings, there are a variety of security guards employed by firms and commercial establishments such as banks and hospitals. The security guards are highly trained professionals who are prepared to take charge in certain situations. Some of the situations where they can be of great help are the cases of hostage situations, unlawful assembly and violence and riots. Apart from the protection of premises, commercial security Melbourne guards also ensure that customers and employees are keeping safe during evacuation, repairs and other related events.


Commercial security guards in Melbourne may be divided into two main categories – those hired on contract and independent contractors. Those hired on contract security guards are generally local people who are hired to serve for a specific period of time. The advantage of hiring local people is that they are familiar with the locality, know the business and are aware of the security issues facing the establishment. On the other hand, the independent contractors are usually from other countries and have no practical knowledge of the particular industry in which the business is located. This makes them prone to misinterpretations and wrong policies which may result in legal issues and later compromise the security of the organization.


Although security guards employed on contract are cheaper than independent contractors, their chances of getting injured are not that great. As they are not local people and do not reside or work in the particular location, their security is at risk from any incident. Besides, these security guards may not be able to provide timely service when an emergency occurs and may be absent for several days. Most importantly, while serving as security guards, they cannot personally answer any of the customers’ questions pertaining to security or other concerns because they are not present onsite.

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