Medicare Supplement Plan N

Check out medicare plan N is the newest Medicare program and is intended to fill in the gaps left by the original Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Supplement Plan N is not intended to be a replacement for Medicare. It is intended to fill in the coverage gaps left behind from Medicare Parts A and B, without costing seniors any more money than they are currently paying for. In short, Medicare Supplement Plan N is designed to fill in the coverage gaps left behind by Medicare Parts A and B, without increasing seniors’ out-of-pocket expenses or substantially increasing their premiums. With these benefits and the new stimulus money available to seniors, it is easy to understand why seniors are choosing Plan N over all other options.

Assuring That Skilled Nursing Facility Care is Available at a Low Cost

Medicare Supplement Plan N pays 100 percent of your original Medicare Part B coinsurance rates, excluding deductions, specialized assistance, emergency care, pharmacy discounts, and hospital costs. Unlike most plans, you’re responsible for paying the balance in full at the time of receipt, rather than at the time of service. Unlike most plans, there is no Medicare Part D Select Insurance for Plan N. Medicare Supplement Plan N also has an “out-of-pocket expenses” option, which allows seniors to pay their share of their monthly premium, but requires them to pay the entire deductible at the time of receipt.

Medicare Supplement Plan N offers two unique benefits that do not appear on most Medicare plans. Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, you don’t need to pay a co-payment for emergency room visits, home health care, or any other service in an inpatient hospital. If you need these services in an inpatient hospital, you must pay the entire inpatient hospital deductible. Medicare Supplement Plan N does provide individuals with much needed access to skilled nursing facility care at a low-cost.

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