QLD Hairdresser & Artistic Team Review

QLD Hairdresser  Artistic Team

“QLD Hairdresser & Artistic Team” are a professional Brisbane hairdressers’ boutique that has a strong influence over both the cutting and styling industry in Brisbane. Established in late 2021 by Amanda Joy O’ Connor. A.J.O salon is at the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant CBD. Home to both the 2X AHFA (All Hair Salon) of the year, we offer cutting-edge salon services to suit all hair types, colouring palettes and complex hair styling needs. Our talented team of experts use the latest technology to get your hair looking its best. We are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge salon services, innovation and knowledge – click here

How To Do QLD Hairdresser & Artistic Team Review

A very friendly and approachable stylist, John has been working in Brisbane since 1986. He has gained experience in a number of different hair salons including a stint in a prominent hotel styling department. John offers a variety of hair services including color therapy, micro ring extensions, henna extensions, micro cuts, classic cuts, short style, long style, side parting, ponytail and a large selection of accessories. He is an expert color consultant having special training for dyed hair and highlights. He is also a fantastic stylist to work with during wedding ceremonies, showers and baby showers.

Amber is an experienced hair stylist, who hails from New Zealand. She is passionate about her craft and loves helping people look and feel their best. Amber specializes in colour and hair length restoration using micro rings, henna, colour matched hair bands and laser technology. Amber offers a friendly, creative and down-to-earth atmosphere at home and works with both men and women to enhance their appearance.

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